Saturday, March 3, 2012

re-designs of Princess Mononoke I've been developing in my sketchbook. I'll post more of these as I make them, and any finalized versions of them that I put together for my portfolio.

The first image is a rendered out version of how San appears in the movie I did just to get a sense of the original design, plus a bunch of mask ideations. after that are two pages of portrait and equipment studies (and more coffee shop people), costume thumbnails and shoes, and 4 fleshed out design directions San could go in. The final image is a few studies for Gonza, lady Eboshi's bodyguard, and a doofy sketch of Ashitaka's straw cloak.

More Sketchbook pages, mostly drawings of the horribly mangled model skeletons in the MICA nature lab, plus a sketch of Mr. Freedom. Mr. Freedom is a satire by a director named William Klein, and was described by Johnathan Rosenbaum as possibly the most anti-American movie ever made. Definitely worth watching.

More Sketchbook pages, mainly people at coffee shops, a little life drawing, a few interiors.

New Blog for drawings and stuff! These are all from a sketchbook I started in late January this year, so its all fresh graphite for your ocular tummies. Eat up!