Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life Drawings

Here's a selection of drawings I've done in the open model session this winter/spring. The first was 40 minutes, and the rest range from 5-20 minutes. I'd really like a chance to do some shorter poses as well as some much longer ones. I also think I'm going to start bringing charcoal so I can get back into dealing more with tonality.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Land Lord's living room

Missed two months of updates, but I've been busy working. I'll be putting up a few "spring cleaning" posts in the near future so look for life drawings, sketchbook stuff, portfolio updates and more.

In the mean time this is a digital painting of my landlord's living room I did while cat sitting for them. I ended up working on this a lot longer than I was planning, finishing it up from memory. It's nice to push things to a point of completion, but I really need to start doing shorter timed digital studies too.