Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Shallot Style Sheet

Hey all, I'm reworking and expanding on some of the Onion Kids farm game stuff I did last year in preparation for sending out my portfolio to some people. These are style options for one of the three characters from the series, Shallot. These could be utilized as the basis for in game sprites, playing card illustrations, or game menu illustrations. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Timurlaine Costume Ideations

After spending some time sketching out costumes for the Eurychids I decided I wanted to take another shot at Timerlaine. His outfit felt a little dated compared to their street-wear inspired clothing. I'd had a clear idea of what I wanted Timerlaine to look like from the outset of the project, and I think I settled on a design prematurely as a result. With that in mind I decided to thumbnail out a bunch of quick variations to really dig into what his look was about. I also incorporated more references to modern body armor and military garb, trying to hit a balance between contemporary cuts and ancient materials like I found with the Eurychid costumes.

This final costume I put together by collaging elements from the thumbnails I liked, and then painting over them. Plus a bonus hardbody, enjoy!