Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Timurlaine Costume Ideations

After spending some time sketching out costumes for the Eurychids I decided I wanted to take another shot at Timerlaine. His outfit felt a little dated compared to their street-wear inspired clothing. I'd had a clear idea of what I wanted Timerlaine to look like from the outset of the project, and I think I settled on a design prematurely as a result. With that in mind I decided to thumbnail out a bunch of quick variations to really dig into what his look was about. I also incorporated more references to modern body armor and military garb, trying to hit a balance between contemporary cuts and ancient materials like I found with the Eurychid costumes.

This final costume I put together by collaging elements from the thumbnails I liked, and then painting over them. Plus a bonus hardbody, enjoy!

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